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[Buy]  Optical Fiber Ranger M-530 [China]
Description: Model M-530 Operating Wavelength 1550nm(1310nm Optional) Fiber Type 9/125um ...  (more)

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[Buy]  Optical Fiber Identifier M-430 [China]
Description: Type M-430 Identified Wavelength Range 800-1700 nm Identified Signal Type CW, 270Hz±5%, 1kHz±5%, 2...  (more)

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[Buy]  Optical Multimeter M-207 [China]
Description: M-207 handheld optical multi meter integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter mo...  (more)

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[Buy]  Visual Fault Locator M-310 [China]
Description: type M-310 Wavelengths(nm) 650±10nm Fiber Model SM,MM Output Power 1mw, 5mw, 10mw, 15mw Spectral...  (more)

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[Buy]  Optical Light Source M-109 [China]
Description: M-109 optical light source can provide 1 to 4 output wavelengths to meet specific requirements, incl...  (more)

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[Buy]  PON Power Meter M-212B [China]
Description: M-212B PON Optical Power Meter is an upgraded version of M-212A PON power meter. It aims at the FTTx...  (more)

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[Buy]  Optical Power Meter M-216 [China]
Description: M-216 Handheld Optical Power Meter is a newly designed fiber optic tester, which aims at the install...  (more)

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[Buy]  FUJIKURA Fusion Splicer FSM-60S [China]
Description: Model FSM-60S Applicable Fibers SM(G.652),MM(G.651), DS(G.653),NZ-DS(G.655) Cladding Diameter 80 ...  (more)

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[Buy]  DVP Fusion Splicer DVP-730 [China]
Description: Model DVP-730 Applicable fibers SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS, EDF Cladding diameter 100 to 150um Coating dia...  (more)

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[Buy]  JILONG Fusion Splicer KL-300T [China]
Description: Model KL-300T Applicable fibers SM(ITU-T G.652),MM(ITU-T G.651),DS(ITU-T G.653),NZDS(ITU-T G.655) ...  (more)

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