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Wire Cloth & Wire Mesh
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Description: 1.Diesel generating sets all diesel-generating sets include diesel engine, alternator and contr...  (more)

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[Sell]  Link Chain Fence [China]
Description: Also known as rhombic wire mesh, diamond type wire mesh. Assortment: Gal. Iron, stainless steel wi...  (more)

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[Sell]  Expanded metal mesh [China]
Description: Fabrication Material: aluminium plate, thin low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, al-mg all...  (more)

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[Sell]  Window screen [China]
Description: Window screening is used for industrial purposes, window doors and porches's guards, sieves, ilters ...  (more)

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[Sell]  Conveyor Belt Mesh [China]
Description: Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire, stainless iron wire, middle and low carbon steel wire, g...  (more)

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[Sell]  Razor Barbed Wire [China]
Description: Barbed Tape Concertina (BTC); Barbed Tape Obstacle (BTO) Standard materials are either galvanized ...  (more)

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[Sell]  Paper Machine Clothing [China]
Description: General specification of forming fabrics: According to the weaving, forming fabrics can be divided i...  (more)

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[Sell]  Crimped Wire Mesh [China]
Description: Material: S.S./Iron/Steel Wire/Brass Wire Features: Weaving with pre-crimped wire, offering strong...  (more)

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[Sell]  Black wire cloth [China]
Description: materials: low carbon steel wire. used in: rubber industry; plastic-making and etc. width: 0.914mm...  (more)

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[Sell]  Galvanized Wire [China]
Description: Assortment of Galvanized Iron Wire: Electro galvanized iron wire and hot dipped galvanized iron wire...  (more)

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