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Code Sarew Threed S
Size mm
M5 A M5 9
-6A 1/8" 13
-8A 1/4" 17
-10A 3/8" 22
-15A 1/2" 24
-20A 3/4" 30
-25A 1" 36
-32A 11/4" 46
-40A 11/2" 52
-50A 2" 64

Ningbo Maosheng Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.Ningbo Jiangbei District Cicheng Pneumatic Components Factory is a manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of filtering elements and silencers, and the company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification earlier than other companies in the same industry. Main products developed and manufactured by the company are: bronze sintered filtering elements, stainless steel sintered filtering elements, plastic filtering elements, bronze silencer, plastic silencer, stainless steel silencer, anechoic exhaust throttle valve, high-flow composite silencer, powder compacted irregular parts, copper-based and iron-based oil impregnated bearing, fluorine and metal self-lubricating shaft sleeve. After more than 30 years of development, the image of Maosheng can be seen everywhere. Maosheng leaves its footprints on the exhibitions in many East Asian countries and the industry exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The company is one of China’s enterprises that export largest quantities of filtering elements and silencers at the earliest time, and the company enjoys a good reputation and higher status among the enterprises of the pneumatic industry of filtering elements and silencers.

General Details
Target Price: US$ 1 per Unit (Negotiable)
Quantity Required: any 20' FCL (Full Container Load)
Delivery Location: China
Number of Quotations submitted for this RFQ: 0
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