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Here is a glimpse of some of the benefits you can enjoy as a Member

Easy to use Control panel with numerous features
The Control Panel serves as your complete online office. With one-click access to all menu options, your online trading experience can't get any easier.

Add your RFQs/Offers with pictures
You can quickly and easily post, edit and delete your Request for Quotation or Offers from the member's area. You can further enhance your posting by adding a picture to it.

Showcase your products in your Online Catalog
Get rid of the hassles of printing and sending a paper Catalog. Showcase your products in your online Catalog and invite your prospective trading partners to see your Catalog online.

Build your Online Address Book
Organize and manage all your contacts at one place. Now you can forget shuffling and sifting through your papers to find some misplaced business card.

Manage your Favourite List
If you find an offer/deal attractive, you can easily bookmark it in your Favourite List. You can then quickly access and track your favourite offers without having to browse through thousands of trade leads.

Get your Company listed in our online directory
Listing your company in our online directory gives you global exposure.

Track your Trading Activity
You can get a quick overview of your trading activity through the various statistics that we provide for your reference.

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